Our ROSE line has been specially developed for those with combination to oily skin.
With its purifying and balancing ingredients, it helps to regulate sebum production and to achieve a more even complexion.

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What is combination skin to oily skin?

"Oily skin" occurs when there is an excess amount of sebum across the entire facial area. Sebum is nothing but skin fat: it is an oily, waxy substance which is produced by the sebaceous glands of the body. It protects and cares for the skin.

"Combination skin" occurs when there is an increased level of sebum production in specific areas of the skin, especially on the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone). Remaining skin areas tend to be normal to dry.
Skin type is determined by both genetics and by individual sebum production in the face and other parts of the body such as the back and décolleté. In addition to this, factors such as hormone balance, eating habits and stress also influence the amount of sebum production.

How do I recognise combination to oily skin?

You can recognise combination to oily skin when the skin has excessive sebum production. This is visible when there is a shine on the T-zone or across the entire facial area. Combination to oily skin often has enlarged pores and impurities.
Dead skin flakes or dirt can clog the pores. The result: the sebum cannot flow off unhindered, it accumulates and closed or open blackheads (comedones) form.
Open blackheads, which can turn dark on the surface of the skin, can be recognised as small black spots on the forehead, nose and chin. If the affected area is inflamed by bacteria, pimples can develop.

How do I care for my combination to oily skin?

The care of combination to oily skin is often tackled with aggressive products containing dehydrating alcohol. In the long run, this can bring the sebum production of actually healthy skin out of balance. Care products that are too rich can quickly overstrain the skin or promote impurities.
So it's all about balance!
Mild, effectively clarifying products should be used for cleansing. They remove excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells.
After cleansing, this type of skin needs to be supported with a light day and night care. Well-formulated skin care products contain other ingredients in addition to carefully selected oils, which can reduce inflammation and balance the skin flora.
ROSE contains ingredients such as rose water and pink gallica flower extract. Their toning and antibacterial properties reduce impurities. Wild rose oil is also an optimal skin care ingredient for this skin type: it is easily absorbed, cares for and regenerates dry skin areas that are stressed by impurities.